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Introducing: iconPot.com

logo1In one of my previous posts I hinted at a weekend project with the hint of : “snoci”. Those smarty-pants out there would have realized that it is the word “icons” spelt backwards.

The site didn’t take very long to do, and I actually managed to finsih it from scratch within about 4 hours. From thinking of a domain name, design and content right through to spamming it to as many sites as possible. 🙂

Here’s the blurb:

The aim of this site is simple. We list a whole bunch of icons which are all great to use for your web development projects. But we are different to other icon-related websites because we only list icons which you can use for free on personal AND commercial projects AND without having to provide back-links/credit to the author. These types of icons can be tough to find, so here is a while list for your convenience!

So please visit, bookmark, suggest etc.

Link: http://www.iconPot.com