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A new year & an attempted resurgence of this blog

Long time…

VERY long time. 2 years in fact!

I have decided I will give the blogging thing another go. And in the process will blow away most of the old posts I had on this blog – since they are not too relevant to what I am doing these days. I have also renamed this blog from “leeane’s webdev blog” to “{leeane}blog” since it will be a lot more general in content. Website development still plays a large part of what I do.. but the passion I have for that has diminished somewhat.. although I admittedly do feel I am just a cool idea away from a resurgence.

So a little bit about me, and what I have been up to (see my full portfolio here – http://www.leeane.com)

Since teaching myself PHP/MySQL back in 2004 I have amassed a decent portfolio of website applications that I have built & designed from scratch. Even having one of my sites featured on the hugely popular and influential technology blog called TechCrunch. I tend not to develop websites for other people – instead I build things for my own enjoyment as its a lot more fun that way.

In addition to websites, I also dabble in iPhone Development (see my app called “Posted”) and small utility application development. I also have a huge passion for design – and although I lack the raw drawing talent, I do think I have a fairly good eye for layout and what “looks nice” (don’t judge my comment by the design of this blog!).

I also am in the beginner stages of getting into photography. So I expect I will have some posts on my learnings in this area in the future. Other topics to expect include fitness, exercise, restaurant reviews, movie reviews, gadgets and general tech.

Lets see how long I can keep this up!