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CD Artwork Concepts for a Local Band

I have close ties to a local funk/rock band called Buffalo Everything. They graciously let me fiddle around with a lot of their design stuff such as their website design, gig posters, a bit of photography and now CD artwork.

The band will be launching their first EP in the next couple of months – well, they *should be* anyway, at least if they never do, this blog post will document the results of my effort. For the EP launch, they wanted some artwork concepts to make their CD look professional. Consider this a sneak preview for all of the BE fans out there 🙂

I haven’t been exposed to a huge amount of print design before, and I definitely hadn’t done any CD design to this extent before. So this was a new and interesting opportunity to put some of my basic Photoshop skills to use in a really creative way. After opening up Photoshop, I pretty quickly came up with a few concepts which looked fairly grungy and I thought might suit the style of the band. After a bit of initial feedback from the band, I managed to come up with the following 5 concepts (ignore the largely dummy text).

Concept #1:

Concept #2:

Concept #3:

Concept #4:

Concept #5:

My personal favourite is #2 or #4!

The band decided to go with Concept 1. This was mainly because although they mostly liked the other concepts, they didn’t want their first EP to look to “showy” or “over the top” – considering they are really just starting to get their name out on the local band scene. I thought this was a good choice in the end and good reasoning behind their choice. I am looking forward to finalising the concept and seeing the final product printed.

As I am a beginner designer, I would be interested in any feedback from those more experienced or just what your preferred choice would have been and how it could be improved for the future. I know the basics of Photoshop fairly well, and with a few free grunge brushes this was pretty easy to whip up. But I know there’s a lot of room for improvement to perhaps get a more polished look for next time.